The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan from Natural Light Energy Systems

The "Original" Adjustable Solar Panel

Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are designed with an exclusive adjustable bracket allowing the solar panel to be positioned at various angles for optimal solar exposure. This adjustable solar panel bracket system maximizes the sun exposure on the solar panel no matter if the unit is installed on a flat, standard pitch or steep roof.

Additionally, Natural Light offers an optional special order remote solar panel that is installed away from the attic fan housing. It is used on applications where there is limited sunshine available to the installed unit. The remote panel is installed in a sunny area, capturing the maximum amount of sunlight and therefore achieving optimal attic fan performance.


Roof mounted solar attic fans not only increase your home’s energy efficiency, but they also qualify for solar tax credits — helping you save money in multiple ways. They can be installed on roofs of all types, including flat, sloped, wood shake, and more.


Gable mounted solar attic fans come complete with a remote solar panel and a powerful, quiet motor. All Natural Light Solar Attic fans, including the gable mounted, reduce heat build-up in your attic and minimize load on your HVAC system.

The original adjustable solar panel from Natural Light Solar Attic Fans

Unique Shape Provides Maximum Airflow

The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan was precision engineered to minimize obstructions in the fan housing to increase air flow. It incorporates an angled throat to facilitate a Venturi or suction effect which increases cfm output and also reduces wear on the motor.

NEW! Fire Safety Cutoff Switch

The optional Fire Safety Cutoff Switch is specially designed to help stop the spread of house attic fires during daytime fan operation by shutting down the fan. The switch features a fusible link that will melt at 228 degrees Fahrenheit to limit the introduction of fresh air that would otherwise help feed the fire. It is easily installed alone or in conjunction with the Natural Light Thermal Switch.

Fire Safety Cutoff Switch for the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Thermal Snap Switch Automatically Shuts Off Fan

The thermal snap switch is a small device which attaches to the attic fan motor designed to turn on the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan when the temperature in the attic reaches approximately 80°F. The thermal switch will turn off the motor when the temperature in the attic reaches 70°F.